Steel String Guitars

Kohala introduces 4 Student Steel String Guitars for a crisp tone and louder projection.
Available in 1/2, 3/4, and Full-Size.

Tiki Ukes!

The perfect companion to put you in the Islander
State-of-mind, Tiki Ukes are so much fun!

Nylon String Guitars

Introducing the new Kohala Student Nylon String Guitars for a mellow tone and it’s easy on the fingertips.
Available in 1/2, 3/4, and Full-Size.

Akamai Series

In Hawaiian “Akamai” translates to “Smart” or “Clever” –
You’ll feel both when you pick up the new Akamai Series!

Kine'O Series

Our Kine’O Series are the most reliably jam-grinding machines on this holo’oko’a planet!

Which ukulele size is right for you?

Soprano Ukuleles


The soprano ukulele is the smallest size ukulele, with twelve frets and a range of twenty-two notes. It’s considered the “standard” size, measuring very closely to that of the earliest known ukes.

Concert Ukuleles


The concert ukulele is a little longer than the soprano and has a wider body, adding greater depth and sustain to its sound. They typically have between 15 and 20 frets, giving them a broader range of notes.

Tenor Ukuleles


The tenor ukulele is around 6 inches or so longer than a soprano uke. Like a concert ukulele, the tenor typically has between 15 and 20 frets and has a wider body, bigger frets, fuller sound and deeper bass range.

Baritone Ukuleles


Baritone ukuleles are large enough that they are tuned to the same notes as full sized guitars, which are (from low to high) D, G, B, and E. They have a much deeper bass range but lose some of the plinky tone associated with ukes.

Akamai Series

In Hawaiian “Akamai” translates to “Smart” or “Clever” – you’ll feel both when you pick up the new Akamai series from Kohala! These ukes are handcrafted with Eastern Mahogany wood top, back, and sides that delivers a clear and crisp tone no matter what your playing style.

Tiki Ukes

What could be more fun than the new Tiki Ukulele?!? Kolohe (The mischievous rascal) has turned the world upside down with these new ukuleles. The completely amazing Tiki bridge is just the start!

This is da Kine’O uke you take if you’re going to explore the wilderness or be on one deserted island. The KO is the most reliably jam-grinding machine on this holo’oko’a planet, and dat’s important.